Fwd: “URGENT ACTION NEED” New Legislation Contact every legislator

<r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rBnTQJNshO_TY9C32IYUX28euhtY1cOoEJBzI-0hcbBdU3yNpk3u-dgveKoC27oBqjzudjKbgifo9v96GQIQvoZFuT70kO0Pts6vNSPUhk2Dp4ahoqKWRR-O0ljarD0zr5gpDZAyynprbLJhXNQAdw==&c=N1LpsmexgUd4kmx1SR…> WEDNESDAY: NJ ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE TO HEAR GOV’S BILL PACKAGE KILLING SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS Bans 2A Rights Inside Your Own Home!
Bans Gun Ownership Until Age 21!
Ammunition & Long Gun Registration!
Firearms Industry-Killer Legislation!
Double-Standard for New vs. Existing Residents!
Please Tell Every NJ Lawmaker to Oppose Gov. Murphy’s Attack on Honest Gun Owners On Wednesday, June 22, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear five bills from Governor Murphy’s misguided bill package attacking gun rights instead of severely punishing gun criminals and addressing mental health issues related to firearms.
KILLING 2A RIGHTS INSIDE THE HOME (A2215) <r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rBnTQJNshO_TY9C32IYUX28euhtY1cOoEJBzI-0hcbBdU3yNpk3u-WEMcWR5yMmdaOqpJC4tfMYXUk6IhYS4hP7htLPPhxacEZ0GTB6B1wJgDIMNS3nG4edviffvErCrdAvv6OXw1cHU_o3rOn-mkPAGl36QdiWHF2Usg2GYdtt-X…>
-Severely disrupts the right to self-defense inside the home explicitly recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Heller case (prevents rapid deployment of firearms for self-defense in an emergency).
-Imposes a one-size-fits-all totalitarian mandate to keep guns unloaded and locked up inside the home, separately stored from ammunition, except when “in use” – an utterly undefined term that will surely be interpreted to exclude everything except target practice.
-Imposes an 8-step process to defend yourself with a firearm inside your own home: (1) get to your safe or lockbox, (2) unlock it, (3) retrieve your firearm, (4) get to where your ammunition is separately stored, (5), retrieve your ammunition, (6) load your magazine or firearm (magazines must be stored unloaded under NJ law), (7) insert your magazine into your firearm, and (8) use your firearm to defend yourself and your family, if you are still even alive by then.
-Blocks the exercise of Second Amendment rights inside the home.
-Bans storage of LOADED firearms in a safe or lockbox. Forget being able to deploy your firearms quickly in an emergency.
-Terminates gun rights and allows for seizure and forfeiture of guns, ID cards and permits for failure to comply with the legislation, which is also punishable criminally.
-Applies to ALL firearms, even antique and black powder guns.
-Misleading language conceals what is in fact a ban on carrying loaded firearms at one’s place of business, farms, ranches, or other premises under the owner’s control.
-Law enforcement, military, and security personnel are NOT exempt from this legislation.
BANNING GUN OWNERSHIP UNTIL AGE 21 (A-509 / S-504) <r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rBnTQJNshO_TY9C32IYUX28euhtY1cOoEJBzI-0hcbBdU3yNpk3u-WEMcWR5yMmdbA4xV9TB2wtt1smAqNdC51GmfAsIJd3aulyshUF8JnEfwsIId4yXclJgNFhzGt3tJceG0Br7uVCLjOzx1Jrx5a7gEZKsLQ2AQXmH3Do1er3Ro…>
-Prohibits long gun and handgun ownership by persons under 21 years old,
-Unconstitutionally blocks fundamental rights guaranteed to law-abiding adult citizens under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
-Prevents responsible young adults (who are eligible to vote, drive, serve in the military or in law enforcement, sign binding contracts, and become emancipated), from obtaining NJ firearms credentials and purchasing personal firearms.
-Falsely presumes that persons under 21 are not capable of responsible firearms ownership / exercise of their fundamental Constitutional rights.
AMMUNITION AND LONG GUN REGISTRATION (A-1302) <r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rBnTQJNshO_TY9C32IYUX28euhtY1cOoEJBzI-0hcbBdU3yNpk3u-WEMcWR5yMmdItuYsDvAu6Hk9qGT1MiqFvnbjZ_tm0H8Yz28t7zzIfZvyDcYeeZ3CEr9Jfr2OUag-Hzs-po_cOmegwC_6Gs_cQIFOvp08t-ZPVIZmR0fedhP8…>
-Forces dealers and manufacturers to gather and maintain a detailed electronic database of ammunition sales, including name, address and date of birth of purchaser, purchaser’s ID information, quantity of ammunition sold, the date of sale, manufacturer name, type, caliber or gauge of the ammunition, and any other information deemed necessary by the State Police. The dealer’s electronic records are subject to inspection by any law enforcement officer.
-Forces dealers to report the above information electronically to the Superintendent of State Police.
-Also forces dealers to digitally report all handgun and long gun sales to the Superintendent of State Police. EFFECTIVELY CREATES A CENTRAL DIGITAL REGISTRY OF LONG GUN SALES THAT HAS NEVER EXISTED BEFORE IN STATE HISTORY.
-Singles out lawful bulk purchases of ammunition for scrutiny by bureaucrats. Invades the privacy of competitors and others engaging in lawful activities, makes them targets of government investigations.
-Does absolutely nothing to address the issue of unlawful ammunition sales. Subjects unlawful sellers and purchasers to no scrutiny or penalty whatsoever, yet subjects legal purchasers and legal sellers to invasive surveillance and investigation. Completely misses the target by focusing on lawful transactions only.
FIREARMS INDUSTRY-KILLER BILL (A-1765 / S-1893) <r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rBnTQJNshO_TY9C32IYUX28euhtY1cOoEJBzI-0hcbBdU3yNpk3u-WEMcWR5yMmdFOaSdDIpeB4nbLQsqkGevL86lgE2dI9ZUx26ClGHDuqDFNCWtMa6dGLtjG9hW0bwobvDTQt3DcpqkA2n5xZ0kj0krPv_U7M_53PGmEsBNMKzS…>
-Turns basic principles of law on their head and allows the manufacturer of a legal, properly functioning product to be sued for the misconduct of others.
-Bill is explicitly preempted by federal law (the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act) which forbids frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers.
-Potentially harms military and law enforcement by decimating the manufacturers of products needed in performance of their duties.
-Empowers the NJ Attorney General to harass, investigate, and inflict existential burdens on firearms manufacturers and dealers without having to even allege or show any misconduct whatsoever.
-Empowers the NJ Attorney General to arbitrarily investigate, compel testimony from, fine, impound records and inventory from, and prosecute firearms “industry” members nationwide. The term “industry members” is used misleadingly to disguise the fact that it affects a lot more than gun manufacturers. It also impacts sellers, dealers, marketers (including publications and websites containing advertisements), and certain firearms associations and societies.
-Subjects firearms associations, societies (including non-profits), publications and websites which sell or market (including via ads in publications or on websites) firearms, ammunition, or “accessories” (an undefined term) to the attorney general’s sweeping arbitrary powers.
-Removes any requirement that the attorney general first PROVE that a firearms “industry” member is directly responsible for any wrongdoing before arbitrary and capricious government powers can be wielded against that “industry” member.
-Subjects firearms “industry” members nationwide to the NJ attorney general’s reach. The bill is really a trojan horse, empowering New Jersey bureaucrats to do an end-run around the Second Amendment by crippling or destroying “industry” members arbitrarily throughout the U.S. The powers it grants to the attorney general are not limited to NJ. Harassing “industry” members into oblivion nationwide is the apparent goal.
-Allows the attorney general to harass nearly everyone involved with firearms and firearms rights. That means manufacturers, dealers, parts sellers, marketers, websites, publications, advertisers, gun clubs, and gun rights organizations — all that is required is a loose connection to the manufacture, sale, or marketing / advertising of firearms, ammunition, parts or “accessories” (an undefined term). This allows the New Jersey attorney general to interfere with the exercise of gun rights nationwide, and to chill free speech by those offering firearms or even just accessories in digital and physical publications.
-Turns the NJ attorney general into the functional equivalent of a national gun czar, unchecked in its ability to impose its anti-Second Amendment views and dictates on an entire nation.
FIREARMS REGISTRATION DOUBLE-STANDARD (NEW VS. EXISTING RESIDENTS) (A-1179 / S-1204) <r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rBnTQJNshO_TY9C32IYUX28euhtY1cOoEJBzI-0hcbBdU3yNpk3u-WEMcWR5yMmdOVDEiOMpFKndsQp6LMrZzTOfbxyIzeaPXHHHk5LE6aXX-IcbDkaFlKJcDwptak-s0-avmOPD9VubjloHMwyxX957qXNtTaMCd0oDfMQfBEn8d…>
-Bill fundamentally misunderstands how existing law affects current NJ residents, then applies that misunderstanding to incoming new residents.
-Creates a chaotic double standard that treats new residents differently from current residents.
– Requires new residents to register long guns (rifles and shotguns) that they previously purchased. But existing residents have never been required to register long guns. In fact, there isn’t even a registry in NJ for long guns, and it would have to be created. But this bill casually and incorrectly acts as if there is, and requires new residents to register long guns they are bringing with them.
-Incoming residents would be required to register previously-acquired long guns when they move in, yet after they move in, they can newly purchase as many long guns as they want without having to register the purchase of any of them!
-Current residents are not required to register certain classes of handguns, yet this legislation treats incoming residents inconsistently and mandates their registration. For example, a current resident is not required to register inherited handguns, certain classes of antique and black powder handguns, handguns acquired before they came to NJ, and handguns acquired prior to enactment of New Jersey’s handgun purchase permit laws. Yet an incoming resident who previously acquired these same classes of handguns in the same way is treated differently and required to register them all.
-Bill fails to recognize the gigantic distinction between treatment of long guns and handguns under existing NJ law, and treats all firearms as indistinguishable for new residents, once again creating a double-standard.
-Mandates that incoming residents bringing firearms must obtain a NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card (FPIC), even if they never purchase another firearm again. Yet the FPIC purchaser card exists as a credential for the purpose of making new purchases in NJ, not as a form to register gun owners. In fact, such a registry would be unlawful and would not survive scrutiny under a U.S. Supreme Court precedent (U.S. v. Haynes), and the “possession” of firearms in NJ does not even require a FPIC card for current residents (possession is authorized by way of exceptions to a general ban on possession).
-Also conflicts with existing NJ law, which makes it clear that registration of firearms previously acquired is VOLUNTARY, not mandatory. The NJ State Police have even created a form for those choosing to voluntarily register such firearms.