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  • Update on Plinking Range Closure

    The construction is complete but the range will remain CLOSED till at least Tuesday for the concrete to dry and benches to be placed back in there proper spots. You will be advised when the range is opened for use. Jim McGarry President CRI

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    The Plinking Range will be closed on Wednesday September 27, 2023 for construction. It should take two days to complete. The range may be closed longer than the two days to allow the concrete to dry. Construction to be done will include a concrete pad and covering similar to what is on the 100yd range.…

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    After conferring with the NJ Forest Fire Warden, he said it would be safe to open the range. The range is now open for use. Please when at the range if you see any evidence of smoke in the area please call 911 and a board member listed on the gate. Thanks. Jim McGarry President…

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Cumberland Riflemen is a private outdoor shooting range located in Cumberland County, South Jersey. Our ranges are generally accessible to Club members only, though most organized Events are open to the public. We are proud to host one of the longest rifle ranges in New Jersey at 600 yards. Several other pistol, rifle, and multi-use Ranges are available for member use 51 weeks of the year (closed for deer season). If you’re interested in becoming a member, please review the info available on our Membership page. Pistol and rifle shooters are invited to attend our many Events that are open to all shooters. For aspiring young shooters, read more about our Junior Program.

All members, member guests, and shooters attending organized events are required to abide by the Rules of Range.

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A Little Club History

During the spring of 1964, a small group of N.R.A. rifle and pistol shooters, tired of being chased out of gravel holes used as shooting ranges, located a piece of property off Route 49, West of Union Road. This gravel hole and surrounding property belonged to the Smith Brothers’ roofing family. A meeting with the Smiths was arranged, and permission to establish a shooting range was granted. By verbal agreement, the founders of the Club agreed to pay the taxes on the land. Consisting of 108 acres, deemed undeveloped wilderness, the taxes were a whopping $1 per acre per year, for a lease price of only $108 per year, which remained for many years to come. These “pioneers” cleared and surveyed the property that is now the 600 yard rifle range. They even hand dug a well to have fresh water to drink. Shooters came from miles around and from other states to shoot on the range and hold matches. Some shooters even brought empty jugs to fill with the cold fresh water to take home with them. The well pipe is still there, but unfortunately due to vandalism, the well was abandoned. continue reading->