General information for members, as well as visitors attending events or as a member’s guest, is collected below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Safety First, Last & Always!

  1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  2. Never point a firearm at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until on-target and ready to shoot.
  4. Be aware of your target, and what is beyond your target.

Those are the four core gun safety rules that all shooters should commit to memory. If you cannot recite those rules and adhere to them at all times, you should not be behind the firing line. Period.

Rules of the Range

  • Members must wear their ID badge at all times.
  • Your member gate access card is for your use only; ensure the gate closes behind you when leaving.
  • Members are granted range access dawn to dusk year-round, except for shotgun deer week.
  • Members may be bring two non-family guests, or four immediate family member guests.
  • Empty chamber indicators, “chamber flags”, are to be inserted at all times unless actively shooting.
  • Only New Jersey legal firearms, magazines (10 round max), and ammunition are permitted.
  • Shotguns permitted at the Plinking Range only, except for slugs permitted at the 100 Yard rifle range.
  • Concealed carry is permitted for NJ PTC license holders. No open carry is allowed.
  • Loaded handguns brought to the range as concealed carry may not be unholstered and fired.
  • If you intend to shoot your concealed carry handgun, it must be transported to the range per NJ law: unloaded, cased, locked.
  • Holster use is prohibited, except at the Practical Range by authorized members with an “H” endorsement.
  • Authorized “H” endorsed members may use a strong-side, hip-mounted, outside the waistband hard shell holster only.
  • Simulated full-auto firing devices, such as bump stocks and forced reset triggers, are prohibited.
  • Tracer, incendiary, and armor-piercing ammo is prohibited.
  • Magnum loads are not permitted on the pistol ranges.
  • Paper targets only on all ranges, and “suitable” targets on the plinking range. Steel targets are prohibited.
  • Paint cans, oil cans, glass containers, computer/electronic parts, televisions or other appliances are NOT “suitable” targets.
  • All trash, including targets, ammo boxes, and brass must be cleaned up when finished.
  • Eye and ear protection is required for everyone, even non-shooting guests.
  • Member guests must sign in and out, and wear a guest badge at all times.
  • Member guests may handle firearms and shoot only when supervised by the member.
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited from the entire Club property.

Policies and Procedures

The information above is a non-exhaustive collection of general rules that anyone on the premises needs to be aware of and abide by at all times. For more detail, please refer to: