Cumberland Riflemen features six outdoor shooting ranges, including two rifle ranges, three pistol ranges, and one dual-use range. Shooting distances vary from 25 to 600 yards, most with covered shooting positions, target holders/backers, and equipment for benchrest and prone shooting. Our 600 yard rifle range is among the longest outdoor ranges in New Jersey, and our steel pistol range is fully equipment with a field of ready-to-shoot steel targets.

Please familiarize yourself with the Rules of Range that apply to all of our ranges.

Rifle Ranges

600 Yard Range

The flagship range at Cumberland Riflemen, with a covered firing line at 600 yards, and open firing lines at 500, 300, and 200 yards. Stationary target frames are located to the right side, with a fully equipped pit and movable targets on the left side.

100 Yard Range

This range has target holders that may be positioned at 50 or 100 yards. The firing line is fully covered, with a concrete pad and numerous shooting benches, as well as available space on the left side for shooting from the prone position.

Pistol Ranges

50 Yard Range

This range is referred to as the Precision Pistol Competition Range, with a concrete pad covered firing line and aluminum shooting bench. The left side is configured to host NRA 1800 and 2700 pistol matches, with stationary targets at 50 yards, and turning targets at 25 yards. The right side of the range is for general practice, with stationary targets at both 50 and 25 yards. No magnum loads may be used on this range.

Practical Range

The Practical Range is for use by authorized Club members only, that have received an “H” endorsement after passing examination by the Pistol Chairman or other Club Officer. This range is intended for holster draw practice, with target backers at 25 yards. Shooting “on the move” is permitted only when you are the only shooter at the range. Holster use is restricted to strong-side, hip-mounted, outside the waistband hard shell holsters only. Soft nylon or leather, IWB, appendix, kidney, shoulder, ankle, drop-leg, or any other style holster is not permitted. Guests of any kind, including military or law enforcement, and non-authorized members may not use this range. Interested members please email us for more information regarding the “H” endorsement for this range.

Steel Range

The Steel or Pistol Plinking Range is configured with an array of club-owned steel targets at 25 yards, including stationary and reactive targets, with shooting benches and a set of resettable targets at the far right. The left side of the range is for .22 rimfire pistols only, and is clearly marked as such; the right side is for any pistol caliber up to .45. No magnum loads may be used on this range. Bring lots of ammo, it goes fast on this range!

Plinking Range

The Plinking Range is the (almost) anything goes range, as pistols, rifles, and shotguns are permitted. Any firearm legal to shoot in New Jersey is allowed on this range. The range is configured with an impact berm at approximately 50 yards on the left side, and a closer berm at 25 yards on the right side. Target holders are available for use and can be placed at any desired safe distance. If using clay pigeons as targets, please place them on the left side berm at 50 yards.

NOTE: Steel targets are no longer permitted on this range due to safety concerns.

The Club intends to upgrade the Plinking Range in 2022, with plans for a fully covered firing line and concrete pad with shooting benches.