December 2022 Newsletter

The December Newsletter is available !!
Holiday Greetings to all current, and new, Cumberland members !
The newest edition of our informative newsletter is now posted and available for your reading pleasure.
As always, there are updates from our various programs, timely information, some humor, and a very informative article on the hazards of lead, which can adversely affect those of us who happen to shoot, breath air, touch firearms, reload, or eat food.
Please take the time to absorb everything but the lead, and get inspired to join in on some of our excellent programs at Cumberland. Whether you shoot an antique, a pistol, a warhorse, or a “modern sporting rifle”, (read AR-15), there is a program for you. We can all benefit from becoming a better shooter.
Also, take the opportunity to do some business with our loyal advertisers. We have lost a number of them over the years, and I believe it is because they don’t get enough bang for their buck in our publication. Be sure to drop our name when you do.
The newsletter is the result of a lot of work from numerous people, so it deserves your thoughtful review. The newsletter is not meant solely for our membership, so you can print it and pass it along to family and friends. It is a nice, full color publication. Good, quality firearms exposure can only help our cause.
See you at the range, and I will ask you if you’ve read the newsletter !!
Rob McKenzie Editor