December 2023 Newsletter

To my fellow Cumberland members,
    The December newsletter has been posted to the web site.  Find the green box in the upper right of the home page, at , click on the drop down menu and select “newsletter”.  You will see the latest issue at the top, and an archive list back to June 2016, our first digital edition.      I mention these back issues, as there is a lot of information that can be read again and again.  All, especially recent members, can benefit from all the past history and material.  Often, someone has asked me about a subject or an experience of mine, and I can say that I edited or wrote about that in the “XYZ” edition of the newsletter, and the look on his face would tell me everything.  Those editions are worth reading again.  The medical information, related to shooting and shooters, contained in numerous past editions, is still relevant.  An issue like lead contamination is at the forefront of.  Past articles about gun safety, at home and on the range, are a must.      I hope you will find all this worthwhile and entertaining. Print it out and let family read it.  They will begin to understand where you spend some, or a lot, of your time !  Much work goes into this, and our loyal advertisers are worthy of our patronage.      See you at the range, ………. and there will be a quiz.
Rob McKenzie