I would like to thank the two members who were on the Plinking Range Saturday 3/30/24 at about 1:30PM. These two members were observed by the Range Steward and myself on camera cleaning the range area sweeping up the pad even underneath the tables to make the range better than when they came. I know there are other members who similar cleanups but these guys did an exception job. THANK YOU.
Also recently two members were terminated for multiple safety violations and failing to comply with the rules of the range.  The rules are in place for your safety as well as others on the range. It is your responsibility to handle your firearms in a safe manner and abide by the rules. We can not afford to have a serious incident occur at the range.
The rules are posted on our website and also posted in the latrine. You should review these rules prior to coming to the range.
Hopefully we will have better weather in the near future to enjoy shooting on the ranges.
Jim McGarry President CRI