*This e-mail blast is to advise the membership of the Cumberland Riflemen Range Complex that a _new 2024 CRI Dues Invoice_ has been posted on our _website at <>_. In addition, you will also find it posted on our _CRI Summer Newsletter in June/July 2024._*
*Please _use the newly created Dues Invoice_ as _it will also ask for your Gate Key Swipe Number (on the gate swipe)._ _It is MANDATORY for you to list the number as you pay your dues for this year._ The software is being updated on our entrance / exit gate and without your number, you might find yourself denied access.*
*Remember the _dues for 2024 are $150.00_, unless you send a receipt for participating in our work parties which take place once a month. _The 2024 Dues (ending on 9/30/2025) must be paid by September 30th, 2024._ If you have any membership questions please contact me at,*
*/John Patten/* */CRI Executive Officer/* */(E-Mail Address): [email protected]/* */(Phone): 609-970-1546/* */ /* */