June Newsletter

Cumberland Members !!
It’s June, and the latest edition of the CRI Newsletter is now posted on the web site.As always there are advertisers to patronize, general information about the club, encouragement, advice, and some hidden gems that may escape your eye.
Along with more participation by club members in work parties and shooting program, I personally would like to have additional advertisers.You may have your own business, or know someone who would like to advertise to fellow members and their family and friends.If that is of interest, please e-mail me at rmm6.5×[email protected] <mailto:rmm6.5×[email protected]>.It is a benefit to all !
Please remember your dues form is located on the last page of the newsletter, and due in September.Send it in early, and make John’s life easier !!
Along with the dues notice, you can print the entire newsletter and pass it along to other shooters, and non-shooters, as our message is an important one.
Be safe, keep them in the 10 ring, and see you at the range,
Rob McKenzie